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ncLin Fish, a marketing and communications consultant, gets together with 30 or 40 friends every Friday morning, enjoys a nice breakfast, and develops new business for her company at the same time. Fish is a member of a networking club. These clubs have been around for years, and they are gaining popularity as more and more people open their own businesses and start to work from home.

Networking clubs are groups of business-people who meet on a regular basis to interact, trade referrals, and exchange business ideas and advice. Whether you live in a small town or in the heart of a big city, you should have no trouble locating (or forming) a club in your area.

When I started looking for ways to expand my practice as a certified public accountant, I decided to join a networking club. Our community newspaper lists business meetings scheduled each week, so …

wtlfiaaAbout a year ago, Paul Graboff, a graphic designer in Takoma Park, Maryland, began gathering financial records from his business for his annual visit to his accountant. He was feeling pretty good about the money he had made in 2013. The three lean years he’d spent establishing his business paid off.

A couple of months later, Graboff received a rude awakening. Didn’t he know about the self-employment tax that would shave an additional 15 percent off his income? Hadn’t he been paying enough estimated tax on the money he was earning? Graboff owed more in taxes than he had in cash. That meant he’d probably have to defer buying that important new Macintosh equipment a little longer.

“When we got involved, he was already behind the eight ball,” said Terry Rice, the Washington, D.C., certified public accountant to whom Graboff turned. “There wasn’t much we could do about 2014.”…

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RAID data storage systems are widely used today in the IT arena and there is always a good demand for RAID data storage. The RAID parameter arrays are the main keys in the RAID system and even small damage or corruption in the RAID parameter arrays can create a great loss of data. This particular data loss can only be retrieved efficiently through the RAID recovery process, which detects the problem in the array and reconstructs it to retrieve the lost data. There are various RAID types that are used in a RAID storage system, which must be recognized first to solve the malfunction.

RAID data recovery is not very easy to perform as it needs a high level of RAID technical know-how and prior experience in handling RAID data drives. Missteps in RAID recovery might bring about a permanent loss of data, which can be very ugly in a business setting. Parallel concerns should be taken in restoring the function of the storage equipment and protecting the data in the device. RAID failures can only be treated effectively by an expert data recovery service that routinely solves RAID recovery problems. In fact, in mission critical scenarios, emergency RAID recovery may be necessary.

About RAID Recovery Software

The world has become highly technically advanced and data storage too has found a new way known as RAID in which many disk drives are combined to form a single logical unit. RAID recovery has become important, as RAID arrays are sometimes corrupted and need to be fixed. Recovering the corrupted RAID array is not a handy process and it needs enough time and effort, which nowadays is eased by RAID recovery software that are available in the IT market. The most significant feature of RAID is that it allows you to recover and save the data and files to another hard disk or storage before fixing the corrupted array.

Initially the RAID recovering process spots the type of the RAID array while allowing it to function properly. Most often, it is obvious that RAID arrays would be corrupted and definitely need the assistance of RAID recovering software in order to sort out the arrays and fix them to function properly. Almost any type of RAID array can be recognized and configured using these types of recovery software. It is common that RAID arrays are sometimes connected to RAID controllers and RAID enabled motherboards, which too can be reconstructed using RAID recovery software.

Failure of Redundant Array of Independent or RAID can be frustrating that can sometimes lead you to act on your own to solve the problem. Though you may consider yourself as tech-savvy enough, it still pays to be careful when addressing RAID drive problems any kind of RAID 5 recovery. There are some things to keep in mind and things you should not do when it comes to repair and recovery. For starters, do not pursue the RAID recovery if you are sure that at least one disk drive is considered a failure. Multiple failures of disks should lead you to seek professional RAID help instead. It is also not recommended that you rebuild the RAID if you are not completely sure that all the member hard disks are ready, healthy and accounted for.

The rebuilding of a RAID disk is also not recommended if the controller does not perform well and did not pass any test. Do not dismiss the warning of any signs of irregularity. When you are working on the RAID components, do not make it a point to take out more than one disk at a time from their location so that you will still be on top of sequencing. Staying away from these usual mistakes can help you prevent further problems.

If you are faced with a failure of the RAID disk, do not use all your energy to worry or tell friends how frustrated you are with the situation. Just remember that just like other things, a problem with the RAID has solutions as well. In this case, one solution that you can do when it comes to RAID recovery is use RAID utility software. If you are planning to use this, then make sure to shop for software now and download the software to your computer. Here are some general steps on how you can use the software for RAID recovery.

Keep in mind that highly specific and modern software will have specific rules. The first thing that you need to do is to launch the software for RAID recovery and select the module depending on the reason for the loss of data. For example, choose ‘Deleted File Recovery’ for deleted files. From here, just select the files that should be recovered. Once done, select the volume where data is located and simply choose ‘NEXT’. From here, you will see the volumes and potential locations for file loss. You may be asked to select volumes that you want to recover and click on ‘NEXT’. You may also preview the firsts first before you click and save the data on the partition.

Losing necessary data is one of the most tragic occurrences a business can suffer from. Not only will the operation be halted; profits will also have to wait to be reaped. It is a big no for businesses to be lax in their computer servicing and maintenance. Of course, the best way to avoid Raid 5 recovery costs is to schedule a monthly or daily data backing up. Daily back-up is more appropriate if your network of computers is that broad. Just imagine the cost and losses that the business will incur if you lost all the data that you have in your system.

Raid 5 recovery is difficult. There was one reported case wherein a particular hospital stopped operating because the system failed. It took the IT experts three weeks to recover all the images in each of the disk drives forming the array of inexpensive disks. The IT experts themselves even confessed that they had an extremely hard time recovering the images and decoding it to restore all the lost data. As the It expert who unlocked the Raid 5 mystery in that hospital, it is still best to do data backing-up to avoid raid 5 recovery problems.

The very basic and honest answer to this question is because RAID 5 recovery is never easy. Even seasoned IT experts confess that the same is not, in any manner, a joke. RAID stands for redundant array of independent disks. Before, it was termed as redundant array of inexpensive disks. A minimum of three hard drives is needed to form RAID 5. One of the three hard drives will be allocated for parity data. Parity data will be used to generate the images once any of the disk drives will fail.

In RAID 5 recovery procedures, it is beneficial to confine each storage space on every apparatus independently. The consequential drive “”images”” are then used to facilitate the rebuilding of the original array formation and likewise to restore the necessary records. Even the terms and processes which could aid a layman in the recovery process sounds gibberish, which only proves that a thorough technical know-how is of primordial importance. It is also an imperative that one has substantial background in data storage mechanisms and has an in-depth computer software and hardware troubleshooting skills.

Avoiding RAID 5 recovery is better compared to have to go through it. You save yourself the money and the effort by setting up schedules systems backing-up.

Before a RAID 5 recovery, one has to
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When looking for professional server solutions, particularly RAID arrays, enterprises continue to choose in-house brands, or generic RAID servers, citing great cost reductions. This has led lower end manufacturer Acer to the number one spot in a recent server sales poll.

Recovery continues to be important to RAID server sales.

HP was second, cited by 20 percent of resellers, followed by The IBM PC Co., Somers, N.Y., with a 10 percent share. Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo Alto, Calif., with 5 percent, and Digital Equipment Corp., Maynard, Mass., with 4 percent, rounded out the top five best-selling list.

Some resellers are still more comfortable recommending major manufacturers’ servers than building their own.

“HP has a strong service and support organization; and their ProLiant server line is very dependable when it comes to mission-critical applications, which form the majority of our sales,” said Tony Audus, director of purchasing for Technology Partners Inc., a reseller in Ann Arbor, Mich.

CRN instituted coverage of servers for the first time last month. In all, 170 resellers responded to the survey.

Looking at desktops, clone or in-house systems maintained their sizable lead in the best-selling category, cited by 39 percent of resellers. Acer, San Jose, Calif., captured the top spot among major manufacturers for the first time since July 2010, with 10 percent of reseller votes. HP was next with 8 percent.

Additional data will show if Acer can maintain its new-found lead. When Compaq slipped last year, it quickly recovered and recaptured first place among major manufacturers after only one month.

One of the reasons why Acer has been consistently at the top has to do with its superior RAID recovery rates, because the hard drive configuration tends to offer far less catastrophic drive failures. Rebuilding RAID configurations that have crashed is a difficult process, and usually must be handled by professional RAID recovery companies with specialized clean room environments. These services tend to be highly priced.

Both companies, however,
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Is this the year that clusters of Intel Corp.-based servers start populating corporate sites? Not likely, despite the pending release of Microsoft Corp.’s Wolfpack software for Windows NT.

Beginning this spring, several server and storage manufacturers will release cluster-ready systems based on Wolfpack, which will deliver high-availability features between two server nodes.

But IT managers probably won’t sink their teeth into Wolfpack until 1998. The reasons? Many sites are still kicking the tires on NT as a mission-critical operating system and certainly aren’t willing to bet their businesses on a first-generation product such as Wolfpack. Secondly, customers have other options for adding high-availability features to their network servers. And finally, many sites haven’t been able to sift through all the hype about clustering technology to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment.

“Right now we don’t know a lot about clustering and the benefits it gives us,” said Dan Hendrickson,

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(Apple Network Servers were a short-lived technology, but the geeks that still have them swear by them.)

Apple’s Network Servers are aimed at corporate users who want the power and flexibility of Unix without the grief of the power and flexibility of Unix. The Network Server hits this target and is also worth a look for those expanding an installed base of AIX or other Unix systems.

The Network Server comes in two different models, Network Server 500 and Network Server 700, with several configurations of each. I tested the Network Server 700/200, with a 200-MHz PowerPC 604, 64MB of RAM, two 4GB disks, and an eight-speed CD-ROM. Weighing in at a cool $18,367, this machine is not for everyone, but Apple offers a variety of configurations starting at about $9,768 for the Network Server 500/132, a 132-MHz version with fewer expansion options.

Classic look!

Both the 500 and the

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Questions abound in the enterprise server industry. For instance, if you had to stake your business on PC-based technology or go the way of larger, legacy systems, what would you do?

Some vendors in the enterprise server arena plan to sway users into moving to PC-based enterprise servers. The mainframe era is dead, they say.

Opponents argue that the mainframe is the only machine that can do the job. Anything else presents too many management headaches. You can probably guess which side Intel Corp. is on.

The king of desktop PCs is hoping it can maneuver into the server business in a big way. Key to Intel’s strategy is its recently introduced Pentium Pro microprocessor.

Optimized to take advantage of true 32-bit software, Intel plans to catapult itself into the server market with Microsoft Corp.’s Windows NT by its side. Vendors of Intel-based products speculate that the chances of Intel

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Hard drives store all data in your computer system. When your hard drive gets broken, you will definitely have a bad day. Finding out how to fix it becomes your main concern. Experts suggest that throwing away broken hard drives is the next best thing to do and replace it with a new one. However, most people do not like the idea of immediately throwing away what is valuable to them. That is why many people prefer to find ways for hard drive repair.

The first step when fixing your hard drive is to make sure that the drive is totally dead. Check your computer’s BIOS settings to ensure the detection of broken drives. Wires, ports and other connectors must also be checked carefully. Moreover, understand all the details that you need to know about hard drive repair.

Hold the drive using one hand and carefully spin it back and …

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