Keep Food Sources Out Of Reach

Especially in the case of sweet foods (although it also happens in the case of salty foods such as salads, sandwiches, etc.), which are a claim for wasps, it is convenient to keep them indoors (if we are the garden) or in closed containers.

The Naphthalene Remedy

In some cases, the use of naphthalene as a wasp repellent is recommended, which, strategically placed, allows them to stay away from each other. In spite of this, it is not an entirely adequate remedy since some variants do not feel a sufficient aversion, and it is not easy to know where to place them to scare them all.

Close Containers Well

The food we throw is a very juicy claim for wasps, so it is convenient to keep them completely closed. It is very common not to pay enough attention to this issue, but think about how common it is to find wasps hanging around garbage bags or containers with the lid resting on one side.

Seals Cracks And Voids

This advice already sounds, because we give it in almost all cases of pests. A hole is a safe place for these pests, and not only causes them to increase, but also prevents their elimination from happening quickly and easily.

Try Not To Kill Her

Wasps are attracted to detecting a dead companion, so eliminating one is usually not a good option. Also, remember that a violent act can trigger that they feel threatened.

And If They Sting Me…

If they sting you, it is recommended, as a home remedy (if nothing is available by hand), rub garlic in the affected area. It also tends to calm the itching of the mud (take care of where we make it, it is not going to be that the remedy is worse than the disease) and letting it dry, a material that can be easily obtained if we are in the mountains.

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