The wasps and bees, despite being two very different animals, they share something in common: a preference for holiday homes and gardens. Despite this, it is true that wasps are usually the plague suffered by this type of owners. For that reason, it is good that we raise it, what to do to eliminate a disease of wasp or bee?

Wasp Pests: Common In Chalets And Garden Areas

First of all a tip if you do not want to be bitten: if you see a wasp or a bee (especially in the case of wasps ) do not get nervous and try to scare her away with fuss or quick movements. Bees usually sting as a last resort (since they do not survive the sting) when they see the hive threatened, and wasps when they feel threatened. Moving your arms quickly helps animals understand you as a threat, and multiply the odds so that they end up stinging us.

Some Suggestions:     

The Bear Trap

You have to cut a plastic bottle and fill the base with beer and sugar. With the top you have to put it, inverted (imagine it is a funnel), on the bottom. The wasps will enter to test the mixture but will not be able to leave. It is a beneficial home remedy that acts like fishing pots.

The problem with this trap is not the wasps that fall into it, but the ones that are attracted and hover around. For this reason, it is convenient not to put it too close to the place where we are going to spend time.